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Long Island Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can add value and enjoyment to your Long Island property. Inexpensive landscape lighting can be set up by the do-it-yourselfer using solar stand-alone fixtures. These fixtures contain photocells that turn the lights on after dark. They also include batteries for storage.

They require some maintenance and the amount of light they provide is limited by the amount of sunlight available and by the low wattage. More reliable landscape lighting needs to be hardwired and connected to an electrical source. If you are remodeLine or constructing a new building, your landscape lighting should be considered as you design your overall project. It is a good idea to install a conduit to a junction box for a central location for landscape lighting.

At Sure Line Electric Group, we provide all types of landscape lighting for your Long Island home. Our expert electrical contractors will work with you to come up with the most efficient lighting design that will beautify your home.

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"The electricians were very neat and clean!! They even wore booties over their shoes!! Very professional, job was done quickly and the price was pretty good!"

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